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Your health is the center of your life, with great health, comes great satisfaction in all other areas of your life. here you will find extremely useful articles and tips about food, diet, cooking, supplements, wellness, skincare to assist in a long-lasting healthy lifestyle.

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About us

Mahmoud Al-Bashir: 
A man in the sixth decade of my life I was born in 1960, Jordanian nationality of Sudanese origin, married and father of five girls and two boys holds a Bachelor's degree from the Jordan university Faculty of Commerce and Economics, The main major is accounting and sub-economics, now retired where my the last  job was a financial manager in one of the commercial sector companies, I got many courses in the field of my specialization and other areas, such as media, public relations, and communication skills, In addition to stimulation programs and self-development.

 As I am a Muslim man, I have had many readings in Islamic religious sciences, for example, the explanation of the Holy Qur’an by( Ibn Katheer), the hadith books( Sahih Bukhari )and (Sahih Muslim), Likewise, many books of Islamic jurisprudence, such as the book of FIQH_US_SUNNAH, author SAYYID SAABIQ, And the book of jurisprudence on The four Islamic schools of thought. In addition to history books, especially Islamic history, in addition to many courses in Islamic sciences, as well as attendance Seminars and lessons, related to Islamic religious sciences.

In addition, I have been trained well by experts in preparing good and useful content for books in the field of Non-Fiction in addition to preparing and producing projects and courses in personal development and productivity to gather with self-help.

And here I am now completely devoted to writing and presenting everything that is useful and enjoyable to humanity in all areas of life so that I can be a productive person in the global community, And leave behind me a good memory to be remembered after leaving this life

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